Artist Statement

I aim to capture the essence of a scene, be it an object, a location, or an activity. I simply use the camera as an optical instrument to create abstract expressions of what I feel is present. Though remaining recognizable, the subjects are not represented exactly as they appear to the human eye. By submitting them to abstraction using a manual process, I intend to encapsulate an intrinsic quality. In effect, the images are perceived in a more intuitive way.

Follies Gigarolles

One warm summer night my fellow artist friend Isabelle and I went mad. Must have been the full moon.


Poolside – A hommage to the West Coast lifestyle in the ’60s…an idyllic world of leisure, bright light, and utopian spaces in which it seems it will be afternoon forever, everybody will be beautiful and nobody will need to work.

Strawberry Fields

In the Nineties, in pre-digital times, I was experimenting with infrared film. One of the few possibilities to create surreal images in-camera, as photoshop was not yet on the horizon.

Magic Carpets

There is another kind of elegance that emerges when cars are photographed in isolation, unaccompanied by human presence.

Marshmallow Beach

This image is from the series Big Skies, which is an ongoing series of seascapes focusing on the sea and its horizon as a motif.

Beauty is Power

The beauty industry propagates a beauty ideal that celebrates a surface in symmetry.

Castles In The Sky

Dubai – Before visiting the city Fata Morgana came to mind, a term that denotes the most complex kind of mirages, which appear over the horizon.


When it is all getting a bit much – In this series I take a look at people cracking under pressure


Nowhere else does the saga of the American Dream manifest itself to the extent that it does in the casinos of Las Vegas.

The Pursuit Of Happiness

The will to pursuit one’s individual happiness is the driving force behind many of our actions. But when ambition and reality clash the outcome is often not the desired one.


A view at Shanghai’s spectacular Pudong skyline as it transforms through twilight.

Trouble In Paradise

The recently completed series of images Trouble in Paradise allures the observer through its idyllic imagery, captures his interest but only to turn him into a witness of human failure.


Teahupoo on the island of Tahiti is known for its famous glassy reef break wave, which is probably the most renowned wave in the world.

Bismarck Strait

These images are the result of a trip I made to capture a range of seascapes depicting the enigmatic Antarctic Peninsula.


During my career, I had the opportunity to work with a variety of celebrities. Almost without exception, these were very delightful and memorable encounters.

Phantom Cars

The images in the series Phantom Cars originate from a light sculpture I create by placing LED strips along the signature lines of iconic cars.

Me, Myself & I

In the series ‘Me, Myself & I’, I explore the more private and quiet spaces where people enjoy the freedom to slip into other, uncontrolled identities.

New York In Minor

Last summer, I decided to revisit the iconic sites of New York to capture these scenes in a new, unseen way. I set out on an overcast morning and photographed this series throughout the course of the day.

New York Skyline

This series depicts the famous New York downtown skyline as it transitions from daylight into the night.

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